Monday, March 7, 2011

2 weeks

1,209,600 seconds....20,160 minutes....336 hours

The next two weeks will be crazy - another preschool screening (more on this in a later post), two dentist appts (Chloe & Piper), 8 track practices (Chloe), 6 cheer/tumbling practices (Chloe), 2 gymnastics classes (Piper), 1 2-day cheer competition in Chicago (Chloe), 1 3-day gymnastics meet in Nashville (me), 1 2-day gymnastics meet in Chicago (me), 6 days of work (me).  So if you're thinking this means we have something (or somethings) every day for the next 14 days - ding, ding, ding

But after these two weeks, our lives are a changin.  The hubs & I have talked (alot) and at the end of the next 336 hours I will once again be a full-time stay at home Mama - or as my friend Michele says a "homecoordinator".  I love my job but I've been so super just a little stressed this past school year - the kids are in a bunch of activities, Justin has picked up more farm ground, Piper is into everything and taking her to work with me just doesn't "work" for us anymore. 

So while I'm really gonna miss's the right decision for this


The Iverson Happenings said...

So glad you are going to get to be only took what a year and a half? Althought I loved the days when Piper first came home that she got to "work" with me :) Hope you enjoy your new title!!


Dawn said...

Good luck to you! You have a beautiful family and it sounds like you are making a good choice for your family. This should be an exciting time and I look forward to hearing more about it :)

Kevin and Michele said...

Haha - a mention! So happy for your decision... I know you will have a blast, a busy blast!

groovy mama said...

oh such fun, the joys of mommyhood....i think after 3 i have the hang of it-ha! Well maybe you can get your 4th now!