Monday, December 13, 2010

Welcome Home

Did you miss us?  I've been lazy ....err I mean busy...yeah busy....too busy to update the ol blog.  I mean we really have been busy - Chloe has had several cheer competitions, I've coached several gymnastic meets (and I have to say my team totally rocks!).  We have our house mostly done - still 2 bathrooms to paint, a few lights to change, and of course a bunch more stuff to put away.  I've got a ton of pictures - isn't that why you visit blogs anyway?!?  
part of the paint
Chloe's room before
Chloe helping paint her room
Chloe's room after
kids' bathroom before
kids' bathroom after
Coop's room before
Coop helping paint his bedroom
Coop's room after
Piper's room before
Piper's room after
Master bedroom before
Master bedroom after
Master bathroom before
Master bath after
Foyer before
painting the foyer - 18' ceiling
Foyer after
Dining Room before
Dining Room after
Front room after (no before picture)
Laundry Room before
Laundry room after
Mudroom before
Mudroom after
Kitchen before
Kitchen after
1/2 bath before
1/2 bath after
Living Room before
Living Room after
Front door before
Front door after
Piper snoozing while we painted
Piper being Piper while we painted
Wasp nests we found in the old lights
Coop's "Wax Museum" project at school - can you guess which President he was?
Piper helping make broccoli slaw
this "little" guy was hanging out by our house one morning
first snow of the year
Hope you enjoyed the pics!


Jen said...

love your pictures!

Can I ask where you got the beadspreads in the girls rooms? We just moved over Thanksgiving and our daughters room is being painted a light purple and I like the comforters you have rather than the one I just wrapped for Christmas! :)

groovy mama said...

What was with all the BALLS in all the rooms, they must of had a team of boys...Looks GREAT NOW! Love the tree in pipers room! Happy new HOME!

Merry Christmas

Cheri said...

Well, it looks like you had some fun! I'm glad you are all settled in, and everything is just beautiful.

Myra said...

Thanks for the laugh!! and Chris D say HI!! Guangzhou won't be the same without you!!! The new house is lookin fine!! That's alot of hard work you guys are putting in!