Thursday, October 21, 2010

Long Post Alert - grab a cup of coffee & put your feet up

Remember this post Truck Scam ?  Well....we got a call a couple weeks ago that they found the truck in the Chicago area.  We don't know all the details but it sounds like they pulled a guy over & what do ya know...he was driving our stolen truck!  Still waiting to hear more - but are hoping the guy they had in custody was the scumbag that stole it and not some poor guy that bought a truck that he didn't realize had been stolen.

In other news......
Chloe had another cheer competition last Saturday.  It was alot bigger competition than before but the girls did great.  Chloe's squad as in the largest division of the day - they came in 7th which wasn't what they were hoping for but they looked awesome.  They also won the spirit award.  The competition held a fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Foundation and raised over $5600!
Jungle Cats - Chloe is back row 3rd from left
Ready to rock
1st stunt - Chloe is the base on the left
Basket Tosses
Big Stunt
My Aunt Da is a traveling nurse and we REALLY miss her when she's gone!  She just spent several months in California & is leaving soon to go to Florida - have to admit...kinda jealous...winter in Florida vs. Illinois....just sayin.  We had dinner with her at our favorite Japanese Steakhouse.
My girls
Piper playing "peedabooooo" with the menu
Piper & Aunt Da
blowing on her soup - check out the yummy cheeks!  Go ahead & say it - you wanna pinch them, right?!?
For Coop, football is over - moving on to chess.  They had a weinie roast/awards night - I had to work but he said it was a blast.  The boys played football for most of it and then each got a medal which I don't have a picture of.  What I do have pictures of.....(first a little background info) Coop got a camera before we went to China.  He had a blast taking pictures - then he lost his camera in Beijing.  We're thinking it's one of 3 places - the Great Wall, the Chinese Acrobat Show, or a taxi.  Yeah we really had it narrowed down.  Anyway - Justin's parents were nice enough to replace his camera for Christmas....which he lost.   We told him he could buy a new camera with his birthday money which he did and then we found his "Christmas" camera a week later.  Anyway - he has discovered that he can take video on his camera & we've had some great footage lately but I'm afraid you might get a little seasick watching it.  Here are some pics I just pulled off his camera.
After a hot football practice
Cheese crackers & Hershey Kiss?
Driving around town
and playing in the leaves
We own a couple of rental properties.  I got a message on facebook "hey do you guys still own the house across the street from us?"  At the same time Justin was getting a phone call from the tenants "THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!!"  A tree limb fell & hit the power line that goes into the house causing a power surge.  The older wiring combined with lots of electronics plugged in and the house is a complete loss.  The insurance company gave us a total on what they think it would take to get the house back to the original condition and it is about two times what the house is worth.  We are planning on having it knocked down.  While we are talking about our bad luck - I spent several hours in the ER last Friday night.  I was at work spotting some of the level 4's on round-off back handsprings.  One girl threw her arm to the side and it hit me (HARD) across my face.  Nose bleed + not being able to breathe out of my nose + an intense pain in my cheek = ER visit.  After a morphine shot & CT scan of my face I was on the way home with no fracture just alot of pain.  Almost a week later my face feels fine but  my nose is still very tender to the touch.

We finally have our current house on the market and have an open house scheduled for Sunday.  We are hoping to move in 28...count them 28 days to our new house.  It will all depend on how quickly we can get drywall patched (nail/screw holes), painted, & countertops installed.  We don't close until November 15 but can start working on it November 1. 


Cheri said...

Wow! Lot going on with you guys. Love the pics, especially the big-cheeked girl! Oh, and your son's pictures off the camera. Makes you wonder what is going through their minds when snapping the camera. Glad you are doing better after the ER visit. Where are those pictures?

Jolene and Dan Powell said...

Your family is beautiful, and wow are you ever busy! I hope the guy driving the truck is the jerk who stole it. Keep us posted! I hope all with the house works out.

groovy mama said...

Busy family you have been! Hope you get good news on the Truck! I am not much of knowing much about cheering but that looks like a lot of fun to watch!

And YES those CHEEKS are so sweet! Good luck with the moving!