Thursday, April 15, 2010

What a Week!

WOW - talk about a CRAZY week! Justin had decided to sell his truck thanks to a 2 yr lease provided by his seed company (2 yrs without a truck payment - uh YEAH!!). He listed his beautiful 2007 Dodge Ram on a well-known website. On Monday a man came & bought the truck. On Tuesday, we found out we had been scammed - the man used a fake name, fake address,& a fake check.   I have a bad feeling that this
 now looks something like an auto jigsaw puzzle.  The one blessing in all of this - the cops said it was probably a good thing Justin didn't question the man about it too much.  He was home alone with Piper & the cops said you never know what would have happened if the man had come inside the house.

Today, Justin was planting corn & he called to let me know that he rolled his ankle while climbing down out of the planter & thought he had broken it. 

His mom drove him up to our house & his ankle looked like this
Luckily, our friend Dr Gerald Paul of McLean County Orthopedics was able to see him within the hour.  After x-rays determined it wasn't broken other than a possible stress fracture we came home with him in a boot & on crutches for 2 weeks.  If you see some crooked rows of soybeans down in Dewitt County you know that I got called out to plant.

The week wasn't all bad though - Piper learned to love "bike ride"  which means mama is getting her workout with P's bike trailer attached to my bike
We took a nice long walk
and ended up at the park
we played in the water table
we got ready for Coop's spring concert at school
and we watched Coop have his first speaking part
Piper looked so cute tonight - had to get a couple more pics


Angie said...

Oh girl-what a week you've had!!! Have to ask-is Piper's blue swimsuit from Baby Gap? Was going to buy one for Chloe in that color and thought it looked familiar ;)

Here's to a good weekend and better next week!!

Kayla said...

Hi, I found your blog through the UBP & my, what a trying time you've had this week! Sounds like you handled it better than I would! Hope your family is abundantly blessed next week!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Piper is just adorable--as are your other kiddos. Thanks for the comment on my blog. And, yup, tea collection is the best. :)