Monday, September 6, 2010


We hosted the family birthday party for my 2 girls (Chloe was 11 on August 23 & Piper will be 3 on September 19) and my cousin's son Sean who turned 10 today.
Chillin before the guests arrived
Coop hangin with Uncle Brandon
Thanks Uncle Luc & Aunt Kara!
new video camera from Uncle Brandon - she thought it was hilarious to tape her Grandma's
Birthday Boy
Piper picked out this drum for Sean - I'm sure his parents love it! 
Elmo cake - all morning Piper kept saying "I'm gonna eat him eyes, I'm not sharing!"
Birthday Crew
Chloe showing Great-Grandma Shirley her Twilight book
Our 3 with Great-Grandma Willie
Chloe was in a Labor Day parade today with her cheer team
Piper yelling "Go Chloe"


Jolene and Dan Powell said...

Tyson enjoyed seeing the pictures of Piper.

Tell Chloe I grew up an hour from the real Forks WA. The forests are just as beautiful as they movie, except the movie was shot in Oregon. No vampires that I know of...and if she's seen the movie, it's not nearly as diverse as the movie makes it to be. They used a high school in a different town. I have also been to La Push, and the beach is beautiful!

Joy said...

I saw your comment on Donna's blog over at Someone Just For Us. My daughter's birthday is on September 17 and she will be 3 just like Piper. We traveled with Donna in November to get Taylor. Our blog is if you want to check us out. I haven't updated for a few weeks, but plan to do it soon.