Saturday, September 4, 2010

Are you ready for some football.....

**Disclaimer - if you don't like football, go ahead & skip this post....or smile at the cute little guys in their football gear....or scroll down a ways to see a few pool pics I am just now finding on the camera card.**

Coop had a great, I mean like we'll be talking about this one for some time kinda great game today!  Until this point, he was a player with alot of heart, just not alot of (ahem) skill.  He always tried really hard but he just wasn't aggressive enough or fast enough.  But boy owned the field!  He blocked a kid long enough for our running back to get by him & run it in for a 70+ yard touchdown!
He got through the line when he had more than 1 kid blocking him
and...are you ready for this?!?  He sacked the quarterback!
Panthers win 12-2!
And now for those pool pics I promised you

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Cheri said...

Sweet pictures. I'm a soccer fan, but love the pictures of the little ones in uniform.