Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer's winding down

he kids start school tomorrow - I know alot of mom's look forward to this day but I gotta say.....add in helping with homework at night, getting the kids up early 5 days/week, then the weather turning cold....I'd much rather keep summer around a little while longer.  We made one last trip to visit Justin's brother in Chicago. 
Coop at Ditka's
Piper & Uncle Brandon
Super flattering picture of me but it cracks me up
Back-to-school shopping, helping to stimulate the economy
Chloe & a cut-out of Jacob (Twilight)
Piper & Hello Kitty
Dinner at Red Robin
A few more pics from Piper's Gotcha Day
Piper & her new charm bracelet "Mama see da owl?"
Thrilled her hair "look'd like Chloe"
"I tall Mama!" - yeah - 35 months & 34"
New pool

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