Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vacation all I've ever wanted...Vacation had to get away

I highly recommend anyone wanting an AWESOME vacation to take a trip here
Backing up a little though - have to share this picture of Piper with the President and First Lady

yeah...so it's life-size cut outs but still cool.  We took a weird route to Cancun - flew Chicago to Washington-Dulles to Cancun but we got there.  Chloe was happy to arrive after the 45 minute van ride to the resort
First night hanging out at the beach
Piper's first ice cream cone - we usually give her milkshakes so she wasn't totally sure what to do with a cone...didn't take her long to figure it out though!
The "spoon balancing" contest
Piper decided the hotel lobby was a great racetrack
Another recommendation - these "floaties" are great!  Puddle Jumpers - you can get them at Target
Chloe in a handstand....again
Coop's belly flop
Chloe got her hair braided
and Piper decided she wanted her hair done too
Coop got a new hat
Check out the sign
Piper got bored at dinner one night and climbed up in the window
She then tried to balance her spoon on her nose
Coop with the local wildlife
We had a great trip - I think this pictures sums it all up


G's Momma said...

seems like a fantastic trip!!!

susan (ladeeesquire from RQ)

Myra said...

looks very relaxing, very tropical...I thought we agreed in China you were taking me on your next vacation???

Anonymous said...

Piper is soooooooo cute:)

groovy mama said...

Looks like you all had a good time, love the braids and the fact that she sat long enough for them! Looks like our ELLA with her cone!...Cute kids you have!