Tuesday, June 8, 2010

baseball & school

We celebrated a belated birthday for Coop this past weekend at the Corn Crib   Eight of his buddies joined us to cheer on the Cornbelters. 

Coop getting ready to throw out the 1st pitch - and then my camera decided not to take another picture quick enough so this is all I got of his "almost a strike"
"Real" first pitch of the game
Dave "the horn guy" was there
Chloe got her face painted
Coop hanging out with "Corny"
Cornbelters won & we can't wait to go back!

On Monday, Piper started "school" - she will officially start preschool this fall but we decided to have her attend a local daycare/preschool one day a week this summer to help get her ready. 
Looking at the "pig" (guinea pigs)
She chattered for a good 20 minutes after we picked her up talking about "shool", "da pigs", "Cware" (claire - a new friend), "siwee Cware" (silly Claire), and a bunch of stuff still yet to be determined.  She also picked up a cute new habit of saying "yeeaahhhh" while turning her head to the side and giggling. 
She also got her first black eye - I was at work last night and when I got home Justin told me about Piper's first bike accident.  She was outside sitting on her tricycle (can't reach the pedals yet) - it started rolling down the driveway which was a blast until the wheel turned & she fell off.  Justin got there in time to grab her arm but her poor little face hit the ground.  She has a black eye & a bit of driveway rash on her nose.  I tried to get a picture but she wasn't having anything to do with it.

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