Monday, May 31, 2010

Cookouts, corn, cupcakes, and kittens

It's been a great week - the kids had their last full week of school, we weren't too busy, and we grilled out several times.
Piper discovered corn on the cob - she kinda liked it
Coop had a few ball games - watch out for those wild pitches!
Piper with her bag of toys & snacks
another game - rounding third
wha cha doin?

"una hep"
"yum, yum"
The finished product - and yes, we do have a couch in our garage.....trying to find a home for it
We went out to visit Justin's parents - they had 1 baby kitten this year
Piper giving the kitten "loves"
Is it Paw Paw's kitten?  She says "no, mine....put it there"
And on Memorial Day - it's raining.  Poor kid was up with her swimsuit on but can't go out to play. 


Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

Oh I think she DID like the corn on the cob...she cleaned it, didn't she? Love the pic of her lovin' the kitty and the one of her with the bag as big as she is! lol!

Found out our TA has been sent out from CCAA (Monday China time) hoping it will be here by Thursday maybe? I need that CA so I have a definite date!

Have a great day, Kristi!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Oops...sorry Kristi...that was me...Tammy...Country Girl at Home. Joy was signed on to my computer and I didn't realize it!


Anonymous said...

Piper is adorable! Great family.