Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I was so upset that the foster family had shaved her head prior to us coming to China. Here is a picture from May - she looks so sad

August - still sad

November (please ignore the runny nose & dirty face - she had just woken up)

Most of you won't ever see her hair like this. After her bath while I am trying to get her dressed, she is trying to put in a hair bow. If I take too long she starts screaming at me "bow, bow, bow......."


Natalie said...

Kristi she is getting so big! Her hair is really growing out nicely. It's longer than Rachel's & I have never shaved her head. Her hair just doesn't want to grow :)

Angie said...


Chloe had her hair shaved last December also by the orphanage before she was sent to foster care. I actually got to trim the back of it the other day! I am trying to let everything grow out! She loves her some bows too!