Monday, November 2, 2009

Growth Charts

Piper had a check-up today with the pediatrician. Her last visit was 2 months ago - since then, she has gained 2 pounds & grown 1 inch. The dr was happy to see that she is on the American growth chart for weight - only the 3rd percentile but's a start! She still didn't make it on the heigh chart. At 25 months (and 14 days) she weighs 22 lbs & is 31" tall (or short?).

She is making huge strides in her gross motor skills. While we were in China (August) she wasn't walking very well unassisted due to her foster family carrying her everywhere. She had low muscle tone in her lower body & not very good core strength. She still isn't running beyond a fast walk but we have few falls now. She has very good upper body strength & also fine motor skills. Early Intervention figured that she has about 20 English words. She doesn't always use them - we still get alot of grunts & shrieks but it's getting better. I try to make her use her words "more", "thank you" (sounds like tay too), etc but little miss has quite the temper and mama tends to give in.

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Brandi said...

Piper is just 1 week younger than Kalia, but is smaller. I thought Kalia was small (at 33" & 25 lbs.)!

Kalia is not walking very steady either, though since beginning physical therapy a couple weeks ago, we can already see a little improvement. No words from ours yet (at all!), but working with a speech therapist should help.

Looks like Piper is doing great! She is such a cutie!