Friday, June 19, 2009

We didn't get the news we had hoped for this week about our "missing" document. The orphanage did get the document done & sent to our agency and also the CCAA. In order for our agency to send this document to US immigration, it must come from the CCAA. We are currently waiting for the CCAA to process our document. Our agency contacted the CCAA & were told that it will either take a few weeks for it to get entered & then processed through their online system or we may luck out and when "the person with power to sidestep the normal procedure" gets in on Monday they may (hopefully!) be willing to fax it directly to our agency.

We went shopping tonight & bought this awesome stroller (yep, hot pink!)

and this awesome car seat

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Jess and Tim said...

Awesome car seat and stroller-fun shopping for Piper!!

I am so sorry about your paperwork-BIg hugs your way :-( I will pray that they do sidestep and get that paper here asap!!! Why does everything have to take so stupidly long?? Hang in there :-)