Tuesday, June 16, 2009

new pictures!!

We got new pictures today and are happy to report that

1. Her hair is growing out and she has a super cute buddy!

2. She loves dogs!

She looks like she's happy!


Steve n Coco said...

Oh my goodness!! She is such a doll! Hoping hoping hoping and praying that your I-800 fiasco resolves quickly...
Be blessed,
Courtney (stevencocoj on RQ)

Jen said...

Simply adorable!!!!! She is beautiful!! Here's hoping your I800 is resolved SOON!!


Hunan Mommy said...

What a sweetie pie! Ug, I ache for you with the whole I-800 ordeal! We are waiting for TA, and I am hoping sooner rather than later! Glad to see you also follow RQ! I am also on there under adptmama. That whole website as kept my sanity! Hang in there and we will pray for a speedy resolution to your problem!

Cara (Jill's Friend)

Jonni said...

Piper is adorable and what great pictures. So glad you got these.


Don't Mess With Mommy said...

Wow she's beautiful.

. said...

That's a real puppy!! WOW, Amazing pictures!! Your daughter is so adorable!!! Congratulations!!

Vicki said...

What a doll!! I hope that your USCIS mess gets cleared up soon. I can't wait to see little Piper finally in your arms.


The Raudenbush Family said...

She is so beautiful. I love her little sly smile. You are so blessed to have had such a short wait to find your daughter! We've been waiting nearly 2 years already. :( Would love to hear about how you were matched and how the process went for you.
Kelly (RQ reader)

Sharon said...

What a sweetheart. Her surroundings look very clean and nice which must bring you great comfort although I know seeing new pictures just make those mama arms ache more!

Wife of the Pres. said...

Came over from RQ! WOW, she is adorable and love the photos w/ the little puppy. What a gift to see the photos and to get a peek into her life in China. Hope your As come quickly!!!

Ashley said...

She is beautiful! She has a precious smile. Praying for all the paperwork to straighten out soon!!!