Saturday, January 31, 2009

moving along

We were thrilled to get our homestudy approved through the state in 4 days! We received the approval on Dec 29 & quickly overnighted our I-800A form to immigration. USCIS says this will take approx. 90 days to approve...but lately, it's been speeding up. We were fingerprinted in Naperville on Jan 27. My prints didn't want to take so I had to do them the old fashioned (ink) way. It was a mess! We leave for Jamaica mid-February and hope to have our approval back shortly after we return home.

We have switched agencys. We were with CCAI which is a large China only agency in Colorado. Their wait times keep increasing and they don't use China's shared list. So, we are now with Small World Adoptions in TN. They are hoping to have a match for us by summer and if all goes well, we could be home with our daughter by Christmas!

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