Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We all have to get physicals. I had mine this morning. I had to get blood work & TB test -- and also started the Hep B shot series. Dr seemed irritated that he had to fill out 2 forms (1 for the State of IL & another for China). On the state's form, he messed up & marked that I was positive for about every illness/condition you can think of. He "fixed" it by writing "all negative" - hope it goes through. The kids don't have to get a TB test unless dr thinks there is a reason for it - hopefully not because it's already going to be a chore getting their fingers pricked & then the flu shot. Cooper will be fine - his biggest reaction to a shot was either laughing (he thinks it's funny when they see his butt) or the time he was about 2 & said "damn" to the nurse. Chloe on the other hand - the girl is freakishly strong. Last year's flu shot took myself & another nurse holding her down while a 3rd nurse gave her the injection. For some reason, Daddy always seems to miss these appts.

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