Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The kids

More info on our kids...

Cooper is in 2nd grade. His favorite subject is math (gets that from Daddy) but is great at all subjects. School is a little too easy sometimes & he tends to get bored. A recent cute comment from him "Dad, do you know what the most boring part of spelling tests are? There's no math on them." His new favorite thing to do is snap his fingers. For some reason, until about a week ago he couldn't do this. They had to snap their fingers in a poem during the Grandparent's program at school -- so he finally figured this "skill" out. Now he walks around snapping constantly. He also plays pretty much every sport he can. Fall is soccer which overlaps wrestling by about 2 weeks, then spring soccer which overlaps baseball by about 2 weeks. Last year he mentioned hockey and this year he said he may try basketball. He also takes a weekly swim class - he's really fast in the water...and competitive. When he touches the wall, he'll look around to make sure he's beaten everyone (which he normally does). I see swim team in our near future.

Chloe is in 4th grade this year. She excels at PE - can outrun, out push-up, & out chin-up every boy in school. Last year her record was 20 chin-ups. She is a social butterfly & easily makes friends. School work is a little harder for her than Bear but she is a solid A/B student. Her favorite subject is science. She got to dissect a flower last week which she thought was pretty cool. Eventhough I have tried to get her to try other sports, gymnastics is her passion. She works out about 12 hours per week/year round. This is her 3rd season on the team & she loves it. When asked what she wants to be when she grows up she says "an Illini gymnast".

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