Friday, June 7, 2013


if we are friends on the book, then you've already read my recent Piper posts but if not.....just thought I'd share a few things that have come out of her little mouth lately.

"at cheer, I did my stunts all by myself...even the alligator (elevator). Miss Emily just gave me some tips" 

"Brody is my boyfriend & Tristan". Coop "you can't date more than one person" Piper "I'm too young to date. You see, I'm only 5 1/2...them's just my boyfriends"

At dinner tonight, Piper asked when she would be a grown up & I told her once she had her own house. She said " mean I gotta move out someday? Then I hafta do all the chores & clean my own room by myself? No thanks I'll just stay a little girl forever!"

after cheer "I had a little bit of trouble with my backbend kick-overs so Miss Jordan had to help me have success. Then some of my team girls were pretend crying and I said there's no crying in cheer cause we are big tough girls. I did my alligator (elevator) all by myself so my group won. We are so gonna be on Fierce Cats next year cause we are fierce (then she growled). Look at me...I'm really short so I would hafta be a flyer cause I can't be Chloe's base"

golf lessons starts in about a week - we had to order her a set of clubs because nobody carried tiny, lefty clubs in pink.  I'm not sure how she's going to carry the bag considering it's almost as big as she is
 after cheer working the sass

Saturday, June 1, 2013

and now it's june

school is out and we celebrated Chloe's 8th grade promotion
the 8th grade parents put on a breakfast the morning of promotion

that night we headed to the middle school for the last 8th grade promotion in our district

and then back home for a family party

the kids have been enjoying the pool on the rare sunny, warm day
Daddy thinks Pres resembles Mowgli from "The Jungle Book"
Chloe left for Washington DC with her classmates

and I've been having fun with the Vine app 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

stand your ground

the hubs is (finally) planting corn, Coop had football camp so I took the girlies to Moe's for dinner.  Pres refused to eat her quesadilla but ate an entire cup of guac (she even dipped her cookie in it).  I got up to take her to the potty before we left (nope, still not trained) and this kid was running all over the restaurant.  You know the type - mom's on her cell phone, paying no attention while her kid is bumping into other people's chairs, crawling under tables, etc.  The kid comes flying around a table & smashes right into Pres.  He was about her height but had a good 20 lbs on her.  I could see her little leg muscles tense up and as he hit her, she barely budged as the holy terror fell to the ground.  She may look like a tiny princess but baby girl's got an inner linebacker inside....

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

this kid

....was tickled when her daddy accidentally dug up a rabbit nest to reveal 6 babies

 ...enjoyed feeding the "fishes and gooses" left over popcorn all ready to swim but then decided it was more fun to sit on the edge with her toes in the water

 ...enjoyed a cat nap in the truck

Sunday, May 12, 2013

for you AJ Robinson

the hair clips my littles wear are from the Etsy shop Sweet July Shop  They are the only clips that will stay in Presley's fine hair but they also work for Piper's thick hair!

Friday, May 10, 2013

picture flood

our past 2 weeks in pics....iphone pics so not always the best...bear with me

I heard at a preschool gymnastics congress that by the time you are 6, you should be able to touch your opposite ear with your hand.  Unless Piper's arm grows significantly by Sept, she's not gonna make it
the weather finally decided to stay above 50, the girls asked to each lunch outside any day it wasn't raining
 notice her bent arm, she poses even while sitting
 Pres was concerned about the "goose eatin' grass" then "shoo goose, no eat grass"
 she broke a piece of chalk & said "sorry chalk" several times
her new way of getting out of my 'Burb - grab the door handle, jump & swing out of the car
"I'm relaxing Mama"
 "I'm a fancy lady!"
 Mulan costumes.  Piper told me "Chinese Princesses cover their mouths with fans"
Charlie came to visit while his parents went to a Blackhawks game

 he learned how to take "selfies" and cracked himself (and us) up

 watching a movie on the iPad
 Piper ordered corn dog nuggets & then ate 1/2 of my brisket
 be still my heart, her hair is long enough for a pony tail!
 she stuffed herself into the play kitchen fridge
 after 17 years of mowing, I had my first accident :(  Something flew into my eye and I hit the "forward" instead of reverse.  Luckily, Justin and a friend were here and able to pull the mower back out of the pond.  Even more thankful when it started back up.