Monday, April 29, 2013

PT boot camp update

Pres spent all weekend (except naps & nighttime) in undies.  We had several accidents but found setting a timer for 30-45 min lessened the number.  I'm not sure how much progress we made - she only told us once all weekend that she had to go.  I had to put her back in a pull-up for school today because they require it until she will at least tell them she has to go.  I know she will be diaper free some glorious day & she won't go to high school in diaps (or if she is, at least at that point she can change herself) but this potty training stuff is for the birds!

Piper drew a pretty sweet black cat for her homework assignment of "draw a farm animal"  She picked a black cat because "that's all we's got at our farm".  I meant to take a picture but forgot so just believe me when I say it rocked.  Big ears (Coop thought it was a bunny), yellow eyes, pink nose, whiskers, and even eyelashes.  She shocked me by writing CAT at the top but then wrote her name backwards next to it "just cause it's fun sometimes".

Coop helped his dad interview someone for our much needed hired man position at the farm and then helped him bring the kayak & paddleboat up to the house.  Looking forward to spending the nice evening on the pond!

Chloe had a research paper due for her language class.  Justin & I were scratching our heads over the topic she picked "Wrestling" which she has never had any interest in (except the short relationship with a boy that kicks major booty in the wrestling circuit) and even after supposedly researching it all week, still knew nothing about the subject.  She has major 8th grade-itis right now.  With 19 (counting today) days left of school, who can blame her?

I started the "Couch to 5K" program AGAIN today.  I'm recovering from a nasty sinus infection & I've probably mentioned before how much I despise running but I'd like to not buy all new pants this summer.  If you haven't heard of the program before - download the C25K app and it will eventually have you running a 5K.  Today was a 5 min warm-up walk, alternate 60sec run with 90sec walk for 20 min, 5 min cool down walk.  I went 1.8 miles in the 30 min.  According to the sweet Garmin running watch the hubs got me, my best pace was 11.22 min/mile.  Hoping I can stick with it this time -- we have a 5K for Orphans later this summer I would love to run in!

Justin is still not planting corn.  After the drought last year, all the rain we are getting is almost a cruel joke.  We're lucky that we didn't have the flooding like so much of the state did.

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Cheri said...

Wow, lots going on your way. Are you doing a 5k anytime soon? Keep up the good work! And, unfortunately, my son has me into the MMA stuff. I watch it just to be with him. I even dreamed about those fighters....