Monday, April 22, 2013

playing catch up once again

let's just move past the fact that it's been 2 months since I've blogged.

Presley's language continues to explode.  She prefers to talk in the 3rd person which cracks us up.  She grabs whatever Piper wants, pats herself and says "Pressy's" or "Pressys' _________" if she knows the word for it.  She loves the Plasma car & makes a mad dash to it every time we go outside, knocking anybody out of her way to get there.  She is excelling in gymnastics skill-wise....listening skills, not so much.  School is going well.  We went on a field trip to the local Children's Discovery Museum last week.  Her favorite part was the bus ride and the water table.

Chloe & Piper ended another cheer season and had evals for next year this past week.  Piper missed the cut off to move up to a mini team by 19 days which is oh so totally fine with us!  This will give her a chance to continue in gymnastics also.  She has a new found love for the gym and made the comment the other night that "cheer would be so much more awesomer if you got to swing bars because then I could do bars in a cheer bow & sparkly make-up".  We had her Kindergarten screening about a month ago & she passed with flying colors.  Having a September birthday makes her one of the oldest in the class (our school cut-off is 9/1).

Coop finished up basketball season & is anxiously awaiting summer ball.  We weren't able to get him on a baseball team this summer because they didn't have enough in his age group on our town league and school baseball is in the fall.  Luckily, he'll stay busy with basketball tourney's & camps until football starts in August.  After the drought of 2012, we have been drenched this spring -- lots of flooding in surrounding areas.  Coop went down to the farm on Friday & helped his dad dig ditches.  He's looking forward to helping on the farm this summer.

Chloe is graduating from 8th grade this year and is looking forward to high school.  She tried out & made both the football & basketball cheer teams.  She was only 1 of 3 freshman that made the football squad.  She signed up for her classes & we were tickled to find out she had signed up for an Ag class.

We took a family trip for Spring Break to Destin, FL.  It's the first year we've ever been able to go anywhere during break since Justin is usually getting ready for spring planting.  This year, we got hit with over a foot of snow so he was able to join us.
first trip to the beach

 Easter morning

 she couldn't believe there was candy inside the eggs

 Pres was just a little competitive with the egg hunt

 cheer banquet

 2012-2013 Kittens

 2012-2013 Fierce Cats
and just a few more random shots....

 spring picture day
 high school uniform
 Pres got a new swimsuit & didn't want to take it off - as you can see, she's perfected the pose

 cheer eval day
 Charlie came to visit - these two are thick as thieves 

jumping back a bit (because I can't get the pics to move) to Chloe's last competition
flying high
 flyer on the left

pre-k field trip
 bus ride

 43" with hair bow, 42" without
 38" with hair bow, 36.5" without

 she wasn't quite tall enough
 little monkey
 see ya soon!


groovy mama said...

Holy that's a lot of pics!
Love the piggy tails on pres and how big is she now! she looks very good, guess her heart is just groovy? Glad your blogging, lets try and keep up with it, me included! Looks like you could fit #5 in there-wink wink!.....happy Spring
Ps wish you live closer, we have no gymnasitic good stuff here, at least any that will return my call;(

Leggio said...

Oh my goodness Presley has gotten so big and yall have been busy. Would love to know where you stayed in Destin that fit your crew. :) We were actually wanting to plan a trip there too.