Monday, October 15, 2012

phone dump

awholelotta photos to share - some old, some new....well new if we aren't friendies on the book or gram

Pres won't keep her clothes on, she refuses to dress herself, 
currently redressing the babes 7-20 times per day
 Chloe = 8th grade beauty
 Coop = 6th grade cutie
 Piper = pre-k princess
 she figured out how to climb the cabinet & is always trying to steal my coffee
 Homecoming parade - she totally dug the candy & firetrucks
Chloe & her biffs - love the giggly smiles
 when it comes to hair bows, size does matter
 date night - Easter Seals Grape Soiree
 the ladies
 crawfish boil

 channeling her inner Ringo
 super sweet - ignore the laundry in the background, at least it's folded
 "pink" night at cheer to support Susan G. Komen Foundation
Pres can't stand when she isn't in the pics - here she is showing off her amazing stunting skills
 perfect Halloween costume for our monkey baby
 so excited to dress up like a baker
 Pres amazed the house when she sat down in this split - monkey see, monkey do
 gym rats - check out Pres' babies usually have legit quads?
playing dress-up is super pops at our house
 playing with her baby

 can't even stand it

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Tera said...

Oh my word, she is cute!! I can't even imagine the cuteness if Brielle and Presley had a playdate together! :) Love seeing her personality just shine in her new family!! She may just be in the Olympics some day!