Monday, July 2, 2012

packing for China

after about a dozen trips to Target & Meijers (and a rather large order from, I think we have everything we need for China.  I've got everything sorted into labeled ziplock bags.  I haven't packed any clothes yet -- for obvious reasons...we are still wearing most of what we will be taking.  I do have two weeks worth of matching outfits for the littles bagged & ready to go.

I called the bank today to order new money -- luckily, we only have to take spending money with us as our agency allows us to wire transfer all fees.  We should have our itinerary (basic -- what hotels we are staying in, when our flights are, etc....detailed itinerary comes when we get to Presley's province) today with the amount that needs to be wired.

2 weeks from today, we will be hugging baby sister.  Until that point - we have

  • 3 cheer practices
  • 1 baseball practice
  • at least 1 baseball game (if they lose, we play again -- if not, Coop misses the rest of the tourney)
  • 2 parties 
  • trying to plan a date night for the hubs & I


groovy mama said...

Can u believe it???? Can't wait to see her in your arms!!!

groovy mama said...

Can't wait for you!!!!
Hugs Donna

Sharon Ankerich said...

SO excited!!! You are doing great! I packed everything in ziplocs too. Put matching outfits in bags with their bows. How fun to match the girls! Can't wait to follow! XO

Leggio said...


So Excited for you and your family. It brings back so many emotions I was feeling only 3 months ago. I often wonder if we will adopt again. :) Would Love to hear how God led yall to adopt again someday. :) God's Blessings and Safe Travel to you.

A Case Photo Place said...

So excited for you guys!