Tuesday, June 19, 2012


yes -- if you read my last post -- we did go to Florida for an extended weekend trip.  crazy, much?  My dear, sweet cousin Carol was celebrating her 70th birthday and we were NOT going to miss it!  Loaded up the fam at 5:30 Thursday morning & (after many potty stops) we arrived in Pensacola around 9:30 pm.  Totally worth the trip - we celebrated, beached, ate lotso food, and most importantly, spent time with family......then loaded up for the long drive home Monday morning.  Just a (ahem) few pics from an incredible weekend.
first stop - Metropolis, IL...home of the "Giant Superman Statue"

 and just down the road Coopertown, IL
 rest area right inside the Alabama boarder
Hale, Hale the gang's all here -- 11 of us made the trek down from IL
Win teaching Piper to play the piano

 they became fast friends
Justin took Piper on a walk 

 Piper & Baron
birthday party 

 birthday girl cutting the cake

 Piper found a fountain 
 and had to be reminded not to climb in


 day 1 at the beach

so proud of the shell she found

 we drove down to an area of the beach my cousins & I used to hang out at
I can still remember walking over one of these bridges when I was 7 & seeing the white sand for the first time
day 2 at the beach
 boogie boardin'

 digging for buried treasure
 playing boats with Sean


Yvette said...

Heeehee, tell Piper I about spit pop all over my computer when I saw her bucket picture - that girl of yours!!

Cheri said...

Love the few pics! You look like a teenager in the pic with the kids. BTW, my dd will be heading to Pensacola after her Navy basic training next month. She is excited and it looks beautiful!

Angela in Bama said...

Just three short years ago I lived 10 mins from that beach... ohhhhh how I miss it!