Wednesday, May 16, 2012

31 day photo challenge - day 16

day 16 - something I

pretty girlies
 cousins - as you can tell by Coop's face..he's waited a long time for a little buddy
swimming on Mother's Day
the little learned how to make a big splash - kills me how she points her feet...future diver?
my mom & grandparents
me, Grandma & Grandpa
my paternal grandma
my cousin's son Sean - love him!
 Justin's fam
kids in the cornfield
Pipe's t-ball debut

 t-ball is hard work
 and just a bit boring

 tuck jump on home plate
 Daddy trying to get her to keep her glove on

 bustin' out some ballet - 5th position on 2nd base
 trying really hard not to let any bare skin touch the dirt
Piper's thoughts on t-ball "this is so boring"  "I not wike pwayin' baseball" "I's never pwayin' baseball again"  


Sharon Ankerich said...

GREAT photos of your sweet life! XO

Kara said...

I love the sunglasses at TBall. . . Great pic of Cooper in the field.