Tuesday, February 14, 2012

be still my beating heart

question: what's the best thing to get via email while you are waiting (forever) to bring your bebe home? (ok, besides your TA)
answer: 16 new pics of said bebe

We learned a few things from the new pics -

  • she has dimples....adorbs dimples on both side...sigh
  • she loves cake
  • she really, really loves cake
  • in China it is perfectly acceptable to give a 2 year old a hunk of cake that weighs as much as she does
  • we seriously have the cutest kid ever
according to the pics on the box you can drink wine or tea with your cake - and check out the little top knot (note to self: pack lots of bows)
not too sure - looks like a "Piper face"
"I'll trade ya my ice pack for your bottle"
"you gonna share?"
thinking Pres would have gotten a fresh new buzz cut if we hadn't asked them to let her hair grow - and I think the little one next to her is talking about it
happy girly
and a close up of the dimples


Tera said...

Tooo cute! Love the dimples!

Natalie Ivy said...

I cannot wait to meet her after you all get home!!! She is precious :)

Around the World to Harper said...

What a great gift!
She's adorable!

Christy said...

Kristi, she is absolutly precious!!! I am sooooo happy for you guys with all those awesome updates. I am jealous-- I want an update!!!

The Martins said...

So adorable! And dimples... I love me some cute little dimples! Updates are the best gifts for a waiting family!

Tonia said...

Too precious! And Miss Presley hangs with some seriously cute pals! Wish I could scoop them all up!!

From This Moment said...

What a cutie pie! Updates are such a blessing. You are so right - "best thing next to TA"!!

Desiree' said...

So adorbale!! And that piece of cak eis HUGE!!

McWilliams Family said...

I had to look at these again! First facebook, now your blog. I just can't stand how cute she is!!

Team Robichaux said...

She is just beautiful! We are DTC as well and waiting on LID. I came across your blog address in a yahoo group we mutually belong to. Come one LOAs!!

Tasha Robichaux

KBam said...

I LOVE THOSE DIMPLES!! I have prayed for your sweet girl since the first time I saw her on the LL list...what a blessing to be able to follow her journey into your family! Enjoy your day staring at her pics :) I spent hours looking at Lily's pics while we waited.

Sharon Ankerich said...

Oh my goodness~ ADORABLE!!! SO thankful you got so many sweet shots! She reminds me so much of SJ! XOXO