Monday, January 16, 2012

super nationals

Chloe & I headed to Indy this weekend for a HUGE cheer competition - best of the best - over 500 other words, I spent the weekend surrounded by lots of glitter & big bows.  Chloe was a rock star - she fell in the opening stunt on day 1 & bummed just doesn't even begin to describe it but she continued performing her little heart out.  Always so proud of my girlie!  Day 2 - she brought her A game (as did the rest of her amazing team).

It's hard to follow/know which girl is which - if you can find her in the stunts, it's easy to follow her around (I think...).  She is the middle flyer (1st stunt), 2nd from left (2nd stunt), 2nd basket to go up, middle in the last stunt sequence/pyramid
Sunday Snapshot


Tonia said...

Love her facial expressions!

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice moves!