Tuesday, January 24, 2012

stolen quote

I totally swiped this off a friend's FB wall....

I-800A (immigration) approvals are speeding up - somebody with a receipt date 8 days before us was approved on Saturday!  Here's my hopes - we leave for a little fun-n-the-sun vaca a week from Sat (huge shout-out to the grandparents staying with our kiddos!) - we really need to get this approval by February 2nd in order to get it notarized/certified/authenticated before we leave.  If we happen to get it on Feb 3 & can get it to the Sec of State's office that day then technically, we could send it to a courier & have her take it to the Consulate.  

I keep re-reading the above quote - it's hard to think about how our HS was delayed a month due to a DCFS error & then delayed due to a USPS error....so maybe the errors set us back because now immigration approvals have sped up?  If we would have gotten our HS approved sooner then we could have waited longer for the immigration approval putting us at about the same time frame.  There is a plan - I'd just like to be clued in a bit ;)


JimandJackie said...

I am in the same boat as you, we had HS hold up, a return for signatures etc. then things sped up...we leave for Mexico in 2 weeks and my only hope was that the dossier was out the door. You are going to do it too!

KBam said...

It's so hard to go through this wait, praying for you and your sweet family. God does have the perfect plan, it's just hard to be patient when you ache to hold your daughter. We both know His perfect plan is worth the wait :) Can't wait for that first pic of your little one in your arms!!