Thursday, January 5, 2012

it's done....almost

this my friends, is what an *almost-complete (only missing that immigration approval) China Adoption Dossier looks like....12 documents, 2 pictures of our home (front & back), 10 family pictures (don't freak out if your agency told you to submit a different number...our old agency only required 6), reference letters to be attached to home study after authentication (again, this could be different based on your agency OR if you submitted your dossier prior to October 2011), copies of our passports, and 2 passport size pictures.  I also have a stack of papers for our agency that I'm not sure if they need - they had me scan & email them a bunch of paperwork so to be on the safe side I will be sending it with our dossier.

question some of you are asking - what happens now? 

I'm sending (via Fed Ex thank you very much)  all of this to our agency tomorrow.  This way they can "begin processing our dossier" (according to the sweet Southern belle we work with) - not really sure what this means but hoping that when we get our immigration approval & go through the process of notarizing, certifying, authenticating (yep, back to Chicago) it, then overnight it to agency we can be dossier to China a bit quicker.  Maybe not - jury's still out..but it can't hurt, right?


JimandJackie said...

COME ON I800a...I am stalking this process...we both need to see DTC by the end of Feb!

Molly's Mum said...

YIPPPPPEEEE it is SUCH a good feeling xxxxx