Tuesday, December 13, 2011

our home study was mailed to the state last Wed - social worker emailed me today to let me know that it was approved!  Waiting for her to email me that she has everything notarized & I can pick it up - will then make a mad dash for the post office to overnight the "packet" to our agency (Lifeline) who will then overnight it to USCIS with our I-800A app.  With the ridic wait we had for our FBI clearances - finally something happened fast!

**UPDATE** - our social worker emailed me around 3:30 on Tuesday to let me know our home study packet was at their reception area ready to be picked up.  Called the hubs to have him pick Coop up from chess, threw the girls in the car, rushed to her office (all the way across town in a TON of traffic), made it to Piper's gymnastics by 4:30 where I left Chloe to watch & I ran to the post office to overnight to Lifeline....whew...on to the next wait!

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Cheri said...

WooHoo! Now you have that ridiculous immigration approval. That was never fun for me.