Sunday, December 18, 2011


Chloe has had several boys basketball game to cheer for lately - their season is starting to wrap up with only 1 home game left & then we are hosting regionals this year. 

Chloe starts the routine in the "right side" long row, 2nd girl back..then moves to the front point....then middle flyer....then 2nd row all the way on right...moves to left side of screen front row...tumbles through the "tunnel"...flyer on the right
this past Friday night, she had the "winter luau" school dance
posing with the little
 the crew minus 3
 pretty girlies
Chloe & Matt - apparently when you are in 7th grade and your mom (along with your bf's mom) insist on a pic of "just the two of you" on both regular cameras & iphones it's a bit embarrassing - who would have thought?
Sunday Snapshot

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Cheri said...

Cute pics. Well..cute kids.