Monday, October 3, 2011

tailgate & help me out camera gurus

Chloe had her cheer dress rehearsal & tailgate last night.  Her squad has several injuries/sickies on it right now so they weren't able to show off their stunts (with the exception of the basket tosses).  For what they were able to do - they looked great. 
dressed & ready to rock
ok, now camera gurus - what the heck did I do wrong?  All my pics are blurry.  I know it's partly because of the gym lighting - but I have a Canon Rebel DSL.  I had the camera on auto-focus, & the normal/regular setting (the little green box).  I tried the sports setting but those pics were even worse.  So help a girl out - what setting should I have it on - what do I want my ISO & all that other jazz set at?  Chloe's bummed this one didn't turn out - that's her up in the air


A Case Photo Place said...

You're gonna have to branch out from auto-mode, sister! :) For starters, if you don't want to go full manual, try your Shutter Priority mode with a high speed setting. With sports, the higher the better! As far as ISO, gyms are bad, so you'll want to adjust that, too. But, the higher you adjust that ISO, the grainer your pictures are gonna be. It just takes practice. Lots and lots of practice. If I had a dollar for every blurry basketball or volleyball "in the gym" picture I've taken, I'd be a very rich woman. :)

Mush said...

I'm with the previous poster...increase your shutter priority. It will hurt your aperture value a bit, but you can increase your exposure compensation to a +1 or +2 to brighten it up (a little).

Kurtzhals said...

I'm enjoying your blog and just stumbled upon this post. I take a ton of gym shots, and used to do some photography for our sports section - high school sports.
If you're no super comfortable with going manual, switch to "P" mode. You can adjust your ISO at the very least. Yes, the higher ISO the grainier but if you'r enot planning on blowing up to 11x14's etc a little grain is fine. If they are just memory shots, who cares if there is some grain. My DSLR goes to 3200 and it gets grainy but I can make out facial expressions just fine because it's freezing the shot at a high ISO.
If you can here are some ideas for a low lit gym:
M setting
ISO high (1600 min)
Shutterspeed to at least 1/140
Aperture can be whatever but 2.8 if your lens will allow it will give you the most light.
OR, do the P setting and adjust the ISO only.
You can also adjust the lighting in photoshop or whatever editing software to lighten them up a little bit if need be.
Hope that helps. It's fun getting to know your camera :)