Friday, September 2, 2011

john deere green

we took Coop down to the 2011 Farm Progress Show yesterday - we didn't get to stay as long as we normally would due to the little issue of the heat index around 110.

Coop with a Kenny Wallace cut-out....if this is life size, Kenny is about my height
Orange County Choppers built a few bikes for the show - these 2 bikes (built by Paul Sr) were in the Beck's Hybrids tent.  Raffle tickets were sold with all proceeds going to the "We Care for Orphans Adoption Fund" - winners will be drawn in Feb.  Totally sweet bikes...totally awesome cause!
love how this one has a mini corn head on it
Paul Jr built a bike for the Dekalb booth - bike will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross
you can read more about the bikes here - WTG Orange County Choppers!
Coop found several things he was super interested in & has his Christmas list all ready for the next 10 or so years....thinking about adding a chip-in on the ol' blog in case you want to help fund the list
Chevy Camaro - color optional, convertable a must
snowmobile - or they had pretty sweet 4 wheelers
pulling tractor
the "Raminator" - thinking "Coopinator" would look pretty sweet on the side of this bad boy
stock cars - anybody know if Richard Childress needs a new driver for 2021?
for all of you "non-farm" folks, this here's a combine used for harvest...
the wrong color for our hood but it had a catwalk above it so the boys had to check it out
the real reason we went to the FPP - check out the new JD combine
just for a little size comp....Justin is 6'4
Coop checking out the cab - can you see the fridge under the buddy seat? 
while walking to the exit, Coop got asked to be part of a "youth recycling" campaign
great job FPP 2011 - see ya when you return in 2013!

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Football and Fried Rice said...

We love a little John Deere here too!! Tht combine is HUGE! Looks like a lot of fun for a boy and his Dad!