Friday, August 12, 2011

california girls

Chloe & I were up by 4 this morning to catch our flight. We flew into Minneapolis & discovered we were at the opposite end of the airport from our next gate - 1 tram, 4 moving sidewalks, & lots of speed walking & we finally arrived at our gate as the plane was boarding. We were thrilled to find out we were in an exit row - and not just any exit row but one with no seats in front of it & a good 3' of leg room! But then in typical this is how we tend to roll fashion - the flight attendant informs us that Chloe is too young for an exit row so we played a little seat swap with the couple behind us. I watched "Water for Elephants" through the new exit row occupants grey beehive. And if that wasn't pleasant enough, the guy in the window seat of our new row decided to gulp down a boatload of water prior to take off & then climbed over me & my girlie in his rush to the bathroom. Best part of the flight - I'm totally blogging through the inflight wifi. Thank you Delta!

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