Thursday, August 18, 2011

1st day of school

Chloe & Coop started back to school today - Piper doesn't start until next Thursday...she's only asked oh 'round 100 times "I go school aday too?"....sigh
7th grade - first year for a locker & school dances
5th grade
thinking this might be the year Coop passes his big sis in height
you can tell by Piper's face how thrilled she is to be left at home
walking to the bus
kids got on the bus, bus didn't move - kids got off bus...apparently somebody...ahem me...didn't chcck the website saying we were on a different bus this year...oops.  No probs though - new bus picks up at the end of our driveway instead of acoss the road.
Piper attends the pre-k in our school district - in order for them to continue receiving the state grant, the teachers have to do a home visit with each student.  Ours was this morning - Piper was thrilled
she insisted on wearing her "siwver skirt with aw the ruffwes"
she was such a sweetie - opened the door for her teachers & said "wecome to my home...thank yous for coming"

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Sharon Ankerich said...

Happy first day of school to your family and love what Piper said when her teacher came for a visit!!! Precious! Blessings!