Friday, July 15, 2011

when the lights go down in the city

ok, so we live in the boonies...right outside of the city but still...

I totally heart gnomes - I noticed one of my beloved little trolls was missing an eye..any guesses as to what happened to him?
little stink "I sorry mama..I scratched Santa's eye off"
boys - squirting a juice box into his mouth
Chloe's school cheer practices started - she's been yelling it, louder now...apparently the "spirit face" is the new equiv. to the old "spirit fingers" that we so frequently used in the 90's
and the little creeps in the pic
"I's just sprayin you's foot Coop"
(insert evil laugh) - "I tricka you"
looking at the stars


Cheri said...

Sweet siblings...

McWilliams Family said...

Piper antics always makes me laugh!