Saturday, July 9, 2011

tile work

the hubs & his dad have been doing a lil tile work - not the ceramic kind but the keep standing water outta our yard & make it a bit easier for this lady to mow.  The area where our yard meets the neighb's is like a big, deep ditch with random rock scatterered down the 100 or so feet.
and then there is the bit of nasty as it leads into the pond
here's the hubs digging a trench
and here's the new tile - we will eventually (exciting post coming next week) have a bunch o' dirt to throw over the tile & hopefully get some greens to grow on top.
and this is what happens to an ipod touch when you leave it in the yard & your dad drives over it with the tractor


Sharon Ankerich said...

Yay for your yard! Oh no for the Touch!!! Happy weekend!!!

Rebecca said...

Oh My Word. I would have been so broken hearted and sick over the iPad Touch. I only just very recently got my first MP3 player. So yeah, those iPad's are expensive.