Sunday, July 24, 2011

story teller

Pipe's has a huge imagination - she will sit for hours playing make believe with her toys.  Her current fav is a collection of Minnie Mouse dolls - "Mama Minnie", "Ballerina Minnie" and a few others.  She also loves playing "princess" where she talks in a high pitched voice, has to wear a dress, sparkly headband or crown, & "fandcy" shoes.  The other night she launched into one of her China stories - she keeps adding to the story...not thinking she actually has memories of her homeland but she LOVES talking about China, being Chinese, & "China babies".

Here's the latest...."Mama, we needa go to China tamarra.  China babies have ouchies & itchies...them not haves bandaids.  We have priness & Kai-Lan bandaids...we needa share wit the China babies.   K...I'm serious...we go to China tamarra with da bandaids....K?"  A certain little got a boo-boo on her finger & needed a bandaid earlier that day - maybe that's where the story originated?  Love my girlie's imagination!


Sharon Ankerich said...

SO SO precious!!!

Virginia said...

What a little character, She says such cute things! How interesting that she talks about China so much.

Gin =)

Seek First said...

that is so precious!!