Thursday, July 21, 2011

just keep swimming in Bob the (pool) Builder...ha!....anyways....said the kiddos could get in the pool - it's a sandy, dirt piled everywhere kinda mess in the yard but the pool, my friends is ready to be used.
Piper said "are you serious....I go swimmin' now?"
and go a swimmin' she did - see the look of pure, total & complete happiness...pretty much glued to her sweet little face
racing Coop across the pool
guess who won
the little loves floating on her back
hanging with her favorite boy
she wanted Chloe to throw her -
really..she's not terrified, just caught her mid-getting ready to hold her breath
poor Chloe - somebody thought it was hilarious to get a gulp of water & then spit it out at her big sis


A Case Photo Place said...

Enjoy your pool, Kristi! We love ours, we just haven't had much time to use it for the last 5 years due to Lukah's travel ball. Sigh . . . someday!

Mary said...

I'm so jealous!! I'm longing for one for our backyard, especially on a day when the heat index is about that of an Amazon rain forest!! Have fun everyone!

Sharon Ankerich said...

The only way to stay cool~ sort of. LOL Love all your photos!!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Perfect pool day! Sure wish we had one!!

Jen said...

Enjoy! Looks like the kiddos LOVE it! :)