Tuesday, July 19, 2011

backyard oasis

the hubs & his dad started building a dock at our hood on Monday -
don't try this at home
they took a wee bit of a break from the dock cause something so super exciting was about to hap....this is what my yard looked like yesterday
and then today....one backhoe digging & two moving the dirt
Piper saw this pull up & said "I's gonna get my swimmin' suit"
backing it around the house
moving it off the trailer
and more digging (apparently our yard is a tad bit unlevel) resulting in a broken (oops) footing tile....see hubs in his green backhoe digging a trench...yep, he saved the day & got a new tile put in (mucho thanks to his parents for making the Menards run)
digging is done
the cab of this bad boy got a tad bit hot
like 115 degrees hot - for real
ok, so the plan is pool goes in the ground early morns - water comes at 10am


Tonia said...

How exciting for you guys! I love the last pic. Justin's face totally says "Oh, so nice of you to come out of the air conditioning for a minute to throw me a bottle of water and take a pic of me working my a** off!"

Cheri said...

Wow! As hot as it is, I'm sure it will be put to use rather quickly. I'm envious.