Sunday, July 31, 2011

5K for Orphans

We participated in a fundraiser through a local church yesterday - 5K for Orphans.  The church has a huge orphan ministry & this was their 1st annual run with proceeds going to Guatemala orphanages.  We all signed up for the 1 mile walk thinking we could do it as a fam - push the little in the stroller & all. 
guess which kiddo didn't get a number bib
and continued to fuss about it the entire walk
there were approx. 400 participants
Chloe decided at the beginning of the walk that she'd rather run so she took off & ditched us
Coop ran up ahead of us
and then turned around & taunted the little cause that's what big brothers do
we finished walking our mile but couldn't find Chloe - apparently instead of following the 1 mile walking path, she went on the 5K running path
she's never ran much more than a mile, she started her run (they had originally put the walkers at the back of the pack) a good 6-7 min after the runners but she still managed to pass a ton of people & finish in 32 proud of my girlie!
as you can see, the little ended up with a number & she was quite pleased
after getting a number, she felt it was necessary to walk across the finish line

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Merrill said...

So glad she finally got her own number!! Poor un-numbered little one! ;) And since my sweetie is from Guatemala, I was happy to see that the Guatemalan orphanages will benefit. What a sad situation down there right now.

A Case Photo Place said...

Mikah ran in this 5K this weekend, too! She's not sure how she finished yet but her time was in the 24s I think. It was her first 5K and she was so excited! Glad to help out this great cause!