Wednesday, June 22, 2011

there she blows

we had a storm come through last night - big black nasty looking clouds, the wind kicked up for awhile & we enough rain that we didn't have to water plants.  Justin's dad called to let us know one of the grain bins blew down (we farm about 25 minutes south-east of where we live).  Luckily, the bin was empty.  For those of you non-farmers - the grain bin is where we store the corn/soybeans after harvest until we haul it to the elevator.  Here's a few pics his mom took...

the bin used to sit on this concrete "pad"
pieces of the bin out in the field
one bin is still standing
the long road


Life-n-Reflection said...

OMG that is lot of wind!

Cheri said...

Your land is so flat! I always hated that part of living in Illinois. We dreaded the tornado watch sign on the TV screen every summer afternoon.

Cute pics of fishing. I loved going fishing with my daddy. Such fun memories.