Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - a day late

We went to a wedding on Friday night - guess Piper didn't want her pic taken?
Chloe & I
the happy couple
I pulled these off the bride's facebook page - Pipes dancing at the reception
she's got mad skills - not very lady like, but really busting a move

Justin's parents came up yesterday & spent the day hanging out....Coop with his 1st fish of the day.  The kids are lovin' the pond - as you can tell though...I'm not digging mowing around it, too afraid I'll put the mower in the water
well hello cutest doggie in the world!
checking out a fish in the bucket - the kids would catch a few, put them in a bucket & then release them back to the pond
Chloe caught a ton of fish - and then make Grandpa get them off the line for her
Piper & Grandma (and the tall grass that needs to be weed whacked)
on a normal day Piper loves the water - she cried most of the ride though "I wan my Mama"
Coop & Daddy
Chloe had to leave for cheer practice but wanted to make sure she got equal blog time
we found out that a certain little has a pretty good swing
see her smirk - she knows she rocks
fishing with Grandpa
Sunday Snapshot


Kara said...

Is Chloe texting and paddle-boating?

Virginia said...

Piper looks so cute busting a move out on the dance floor..and I love her in those pigtails.

Gin =)