Saturday, June 25, 2011

the little

oh, my little.....she's givin her Mama a few new grays & maybe even the occasional heart palp.  I've said before that I totally thought I'd have a handle on know by adding a toddler to our fam.  I'm good with toddlers - my other 2 made it into pre-teen hood with little scrapes. But Piper...oh baby girl, you are my challenge (maybe a little too much like me?).  She's turned into quite the climber which my other two never did.  She amazed me a year ago by learning to climb up the kitchen cabinets - really, like she'd grab the counter & walk her feet up.  Last night when we put her to bed & she came walking in our room holding something off her tall dresser we had no clue how she had gotten the little trinket down.  "I show you Mama" - and show me she did....she climbed from her bed, onto her nightstand, reached across & put it back.  Today she decided swan dives from the chair to the couch were a great idea. 

She also thinks she's totally hilarious - she put on some of Chloe's deo & asked me to "smell my armpit, Mama"
when I asked her why she put on Chloe's deoderant she said "cause my armpit's so stinky.....pee-yew!" followed by giggles
"hey, why's you taking pictures of me?"
"cause you think I gorgeous?"


Football and Fried Rice said...

she sounds like Mya. "wearing me out" is what I like to say!! And certainly aware that she's "gorgeous" too!!!!

Kevin and Michele said...

oh no, you are so in trouble!!

Tonia said...

Yes, Miss Piper, because you ARE so gorgeous! (Maybe you should wait a while to tell her that she really IS hilarious!) Sounds like a room rearrangement is in order! Good luck!

Jen said...

I can first two were easy, calm...and then K showed up! She tries my patience and cracks me up. When she was a toddler, she got into everything -things we'd never needed to worry about with the other two, she was all over them! I often remind myself that there is never a dull moment with her around!

Dawn said...

she is seriously so adorable! keep up the stories! i love reading them :D hope all is well!