Saturday, June 11, 2011

growing up

Pipes was the flower girl in my cousin's wedding last March - his wife was so super nice enough to send me several pics.  Baby girl is too cute in them - I seriously can't get over how much she's changed this past year!  Love, love, love her chubbo cheeks & lack of a neck- so adorable on a wee-one.  Don't you seriously just wanna kiss & squish her little face?!?
my fav - total drama queen
when did she turn into a big girlie?
check out her long neck now - just a tad bit blurry
I've looked back over my little's stats - since March 2010 she's grown 3 3/4" but only gained a little over a pound......thinking this might have something to do with the whole growing a neck thing. 


Jolene and Dan Powell said...

Our babies are changing so much! I too look back at Ty's pics and wonder where my baby went. Piper continues to amaze me, what a sweetie!

Kevin and Michele said...

Wow, what a difference and what a beautiful young lady!