Tuesday, June 28, 2011

big brothers rock

Coop & Piper have a love/hate relationship.  When they are in the love phase - all is right with the world.  The hubs & I were working on more landscaping, Chloe was at cheer.  Coop decided to take Piper on a treasure hunt.
gathering supplies - treasure map & telescope...or maybe walking stick?
looking at the map on their pirate ship
hey guys, smile for my bloggy friends
searching for treasure
this game went on for over an hour - then they came inside & fought over who got which seat on the couch...sigh...it was good while it lasted

1 comment:

groovy mama said...

HA- so that happens at your house too, treasure hunting and fighting over seats!!! My hubby things our kids are the only ones that fight-HA!

Also, love the 'old' pics!