Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mama's Day!

Piper walked around the house all morning saying "Happy Mama's Day" and then telling me how I was her Mama, not Chloe & Coop's Mama.  She sang me a special song (several times) "you give your mom a card, you give your mom a kiss, and what do you do, sing happy mother's day, happy mother's day" repeat again & again.  We had oh around 25 family peeps at our house today to celebrate Coop's birthday (hitting double digits on Wednesday) & the special ladies in our life.
my mom, me, Piper (practicing her Queen of England wave), & my maternal grandma Shirley
Grandma Shirley & Great-Aunt Rosie
sis-in-law Kara, Grandpa, Grandma, & brother Luc
with our paternal Grandma Willie
Coop with his awesome Bulls jersey - thanks Uncle Brandon!
and his new hat...err I mean basketball box
yummo cake
dad & grandma
mom & grandpa
me & grandpa
Sunday Snapshot

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Kara said...

The pictures turned out nice Kristi!