Tuesday, May 24, 2011

creepy crawlies

we don't have any 6th grade boys that live in our subdivision but we do have alot of them that ride their bikes around here...might be because of all the 6th grade girls that do live here.  3 boys rode up in our driveway to see Chloe to talk to Cooper - all of a sudden one of them yells "dude check out that snake".  The "little" guy was right next to the garage...none of them wanted to get too close to it - luckily the hubs was just getting home.  Being the brave guy that he is - he grabbed an axe out of the garage & whacked the snake a few times.  Not only did this rid us of this creepy creature but I'm thinking the boys will have a new found respect for Chloe's dad - kinda like that country song "Cleaning My Gun".

here he is - all 41" of him....yep Coop & Justin measured

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