Monday, May 23, 2011

boats, trees & mailboxes

we kept pretty busy this weekend (highlight was fo-sho Coop's talent show) as evident by the 20 some pics in this post
Justin's parents brought a new toy up for the kiddos
they kinda liked it
Chloe & Piper
Piper & Daddy
taking a break after walking up the hill
our current "beach area" - needs a bit of work, ya think?!?
the hideous evergreens hiding our house
the hubs with a chainsaw
woo hoo!
our new view
our hosta is still growing - Piper is 36 1/2" tall just to give you an idea of exactly how big this plant is
thinking yellow is her color
here's my guys with our old ugly mailbox
we apparently have really hard soil
trying a hammer
now the butt end of an axe
they eventually got the new mailbox up - I forgot to get a picture thanks to that ever-so-important task of making dinner


The Wickershams said...

Love the paddle boat and the yellow dress...she is the cutest!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh, the paddleboat rocks!!

Now, i am sad about those evergreens! But,I admit - the new view rocks!

I'm Glad the kids had a great weekend and were such good helpers.