Thursday, May 26, 2011

backseat ramblings

Justin took Coop to Chicago to watch
Coop has only been to 1 other pro-basketball game & he was around 6 months old - he was super excited.  I took the girls out for dinner - since Coop wasn't with us we hit up a fav Mexican place, then we did Target & Starbucks (living the dream, the dream).  We were on the way home & Piper (sitting in the backseat) starts singing along to Asia's "Heat of the Moment" (gotta love 80's on 8) - she of course knew none of the words but baby girl gave it her all.  Then she says "I gotta boyfriend...Jack's my boyfriend...him's soooooo cute!"  oh boy - I mean Jack really is cute but really?!?

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Jess and Tim said...

Wow, starting early! LOL What a spicy little thing!