Wednesday, April 6, 2011

write me up for 125

ok so I know it may seem like I was doggin on Sir Sammy the other day - it's not that I don't like Mr. Hagar...I just prefer David Lee Roth in Van that we have that cleared up

track season is in full swing - like 2 meets this week - 52 degrees with high winds, not my idea of a good time but how could I miss this
Coop eating a little corn
800 (that's twice around the track) - she's passing on the outside...unfortunately she didn't know to cut in to lane 1 so she had a bit longer run but she did beat her best time by about 10 seconds
practicing passing the baton
lining up for the 4x400 which was right after the 800 - not sure Chloe wanted to go first
runners take your mark
and she's off
passing (or is it handing off?)  the baton - they ended up finishing 2nd
holy windblown hair batmom
Chloe & her bud Paige
Daddy's girls
Justin tried saying that a hair bow would make her less aerodynamic but it's kinda my girly's signature look and she totally rocks it
the long road

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